About Us

Cyber Illusions Studio is an independent, digital design and production studio, based in Colombo Sri Lanka.

We believe in going beyond the established norms in our relentless mission to discover new technologies and solutions, which deliver highly immersive and engaging experiences.

Our team comprises design and production specialists who are veterans in the industry, boasting over a decade of experience in digital and entertainment media.

We take pride in our dedicated approach which is professional, methodical, and focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Process


This is a collaborative process of understating the Clients' complete requirement.

Initial cost proposal

This will be the launch pad of the project where all requirements are captured and agreed upon.

Idea generation

Brainstorming for solutions will be done by our team. The Client will be engaged wherever possible. Ideas will be shared to be evaluated.

Template/prototype design

Visualisation as per the requirements will be done in a presentable format.


Prototypes will be presented for clear understanding of final delivery. Tweaks and additions will be made at this stage.

Finalise delivery and cost

Once all requirements including extras are finalised the delivery and cost will be finalised.

Testing and evaluation

All products will be thoroughly tested across platforms to ensure quality.

Delivery of final product

Handover to client and further upgrades and maintenance will be discussed.